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By: rashidah rahman

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Engagement + wedding

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Excited!..first time attend a friend's engagement.Congratulations to my x-housemate,Kak Mimi on ur engagement.tak sabar i nak makan nasi minyak u. ..the ceremony started at 11am.I attended the ceremony along with Nina n Reza.Kalau datang sorang-sorang mau segan gak.. ..

Me n Nina left around 12.30pm,had to make a move sebab ada another wedding nak pegi.It's Fitri's brother's wedding-Abg Din.Sesat2 gak laa ngan Nina,almaklumlah,kami ni bukan org KL.nasib baik gak laa we managed to reach quite close to the hall where the wedding took place.Then Fitri came to rescue us.. .

Overall,eventho it was a tiring day,me n nina had fun.Yelah,after about 2 years tak jumpa,bila jumpa balik macam2 cerita keluar.

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The day has finally day in Aus

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Sedihnye..tonite i'll depart for Malaysia..for good..takpelah,maybe better future lays ahead of me back home,n i'll be able to duduk bawah ketiak my parents.. Harini,we went out earlier than yesterday.Satu sebab janji ngan Acik smlm nak jumpe kat Melb uni at 11am.Another thing,YHA punye check out time is at 10am.So,nak taknak kena angkut barang2 sume pindahkan masuk locker.Bagus betul YHA ni,locker service pun ade.Making our lives much easier.

Then we head off to Melb uni.memula ingatkan nak naik tram,but ade roadwork pulak,so byk tram services have been stopped temporarily.End up,we have to walk all the way to uni.Nasib baik tak jauh sgt.

Dah puas amik gambar kat situ,kitorang pegi pulak area Flinder street.Sempat gak laa tgk performances by street artists kat federation square tu.After that,we took tram from in front of flinder street station to go to Fitzroy garden.Lepak2 agak lama.My brother sempat landing lagi. ...

Pukul 8.30pm..the moment of truth..check in kat kaunter MAS..this is turning back.bye2 oz..may i step my foot here again one day..amin..

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Melbourne city

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2nd time for my dad,and first time for the rest..of course that excludes me.. ..we stayed in YHA..Seriously not bad for a youth hostel.nice and very comfortable at a cheap price.I would recommend this to those Malaysian who plans to visit melbourne.

We started our journey today quite late,noon.Maklumlah,semua dah penat.Takde rehat since datang Aus haritu.Tak kesah lah,coz anyway i don't plan to visit lots of places here.Just around city area.So, our first stop was Victoria Market.Kiranya sambung shopping laa utk sesapa yg ade tercicir beli barang.

Pastu,we were accompanied by Acik.Thanks so much to her sbb luangkan masa to show us around eventho she's having tests next week.Acik brought us pegi masjid Melb,followed by DFO(direct factory outlet) bad time kitorang pi sale tak banyak sgt.actually bagus jugak laa,kalau tak byk gak fulus abis.. ..

Highlight of the night,sesapa yg dtg melbourne mmg tak sah kalau tak sampai tempat ni-Crown plaza.Spectacular..ade fire show every night starting 8pm..every 1 one hour interval.We actually stayed there till 9pm,to watch it for the 2nd time..Yarra river and the buildings behind pun lawa giler at night..with all those lights..

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